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Apr 29

Part 2: Zoom Loom Yarn Explorations

Here’s another installment of our Zoom Loom yarn explorations.

First, some squares made with Zealana Rimu, a double knit weight blend of 60% fine New Zealand merino and 40% brushtail possum. (If you want to learn more about the brushtail possum, click here.) The colors are brilliant, and the yarn is soft and could be worn against the skin. The middle square was woven by winding three layers of Kiwi Crush (the gold-green color) on the Zoom Loom, then weaving with Powiwi Pink.

squares made with Zealana Rimu

(If you haven’t used a Zoom Loom, here’s a brief explanation of how it works, and why we call it the Zoom Loom: you start out by winding a layer of yarn on the loom, then you wind a second layer perpendicular to the first layer. Wind a third layer in the same orientation as the first layer, measure out a length of yarn to weave with, then using a long weaving needle, weave a final layer to pull it all together. Wind, wind, wind, weave, and you’re done, hence the name. Very quick and very portable. If you are curious, watch the video below so you can see exactly how it’s done.)

Here are some squares woven from Jojoland Tonic. Top left is a square woven with color AW292, a heathery tan/green; next to it is a square using AW324 (a medium heather brown) and woven with AW292; just below and right is a square woven with only AW324.

Some squares woven from Jojoland Tonic in muted colors

The bottom middle square is color AW280, and up and to the left is a square using AW280 for the first three layers wound on the Zoom Loom with AW292 to weave. Tonic is a blend of 85% acrylic/15% wool so these squares did not full at all when washed, something you would need to take into account to have a project come out the right size.