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Mar 15

Zoom Loom Valance

by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov



  • -1 Skein Juniper Moon Zooey: 03 White Pepper (60% linen/40% cotton, 284yd/100g)
  • -Matching sewing thread
  • -1 Skein Bella Lino: 8516 Flax (58% linen/26% viscose/16% cotton, 164yd/50g)


To weave this window treatment, you will need to weave 24 squares of Zooey on the Zoom Loom. Feel free to scale your project to fit your favorite window. If you haven’t woven with a non-stretchy fiber on the Zoom Loom, keep the following in mind.

  • When setting up the loom for weaving a plain weave square, you will loosely wind the yarn around the pins as you warp the loom, leaving the threads slack.
  • Winding the yarn too tightly around the pins while warping will create such tight tension and eliminate the space your needle needs to go over and under the warp threads with ease. This creates stress on your hands, especially while trying to weave the last couple rows.

After you have woven the squares, finish each square by weaving in the ends along the edges. Starch, press and trim the ends. Lay the squares on a flat surface in the pattern pictured (square layout).

24 zoom loom square layer out to create the valance

Using a sewing needle and matching sewing thread, stitch the squares together making sure that all the corners overlap their neighbor in the same direction for a consistent look.

stitch the squares together making sure that all the corners overlap

Now, fold over the edge squares as pictured, and stitch. When the edges are complete, fold over the top squares and only stitch the bottom of the V, leaving the space along the fold open for your curtain rod or wire. Using sewing thread, add a backstitch across the newly formed triangle to stabilize the top and create a pocket just under where the rod/wire will be inserted.


For embellishment, when the squares are all sewn together, use Bella Fino to stitch crosses at each intersection of the squares, except at the bottom points. Then make tassels out of the Bella Fino and attach them using the tassel ends to form crosses. Knot them in the back to secure.

Cross and Tassel Close up

Starch and press for a crisp, finished look. Voila!  Mount your valance onto a curtain rod or wire over your favorite window.


To make a tassel, wind 16 wraps of the Bella Fino around a piece of cardboard 5” long. Thread a tapestry needle with the same yarn and slide it between the cardboard and the 16 wraps at one end of the card. Loop the thread over and go under the 16 wraps one more time and tie the bundle tightly in a square knot. Cut the thread leaving about 2” as a tail to attach to the valance. Slide the loop of threads off the cardboard, holding them tightly just below the tie. Begin winding the same threaded needle very tightly around the bundle 9 times, winding over the end of the thread to secure it in the bundle. To secure the end, while holding your wrapped threads, insert the needle into the wrapped threads through the center of the bundle. Press the needle on a hard surface and use a pliers to pull it towards the head of the tassel. Pull the thread through with a tug. Trim and bury in the head of the tassel.