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Nov 17
ZL turkey - finished

Zoom Loom Turkey

Zoom Loom Turkey

Benjamin Krudwig

Here’s a quick project you can weave up just in time for Thanksgiving. The project requires only 4 squares, so you could easily finish in time to include Mr. Tom for your Thanksgiving table décor. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious: weave one for every place setting—a take-home gift for all of your guests.




Schacht Zoom Loom

A colorful weaving in progress on a zoom loom


36-40 yards of King Cole Drifter DK in the Color (Shade 1367) are needed for 4 squares.


Weave 4 squares. Since this is a variegated, spaced-dyed yarn, each square will look a little different.

Four zoom loom swatches in subtly different shades of brown


Sew 3 squares into a 1×3 strip. Accordion fold this piece and stitch one end together to create a fan shape. Set aside

Accordian fold sewn at one end creates a fan shape

Orient the 4th square so it is a diamond. Fold the top two sides to the center to create an upside down kite-shape. Sew these edges together.

Fold the edges to the center one more time to create a skinnier kite shape. Then fold the edges together. Stitch along the edge. Fold down the skinny top to form a head and stitch it down.

A kite-shaped zoom loom square configured to resemble a turkey head

Sew this piece onto the front of the fan shape.

Benjamin Krudwig has a double degree in biology and photography. He also spins, weaves, knits and crochets.