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Nov 15

Zoom Loom Panda Stuffy

Designed by Deborah Bagley of

Everybody needs a hug, and this giant panda will happily deliver! Use a soft acrylic yarn for washability.

Finished Size: approximately 20″ wide x 24″ high

Yarn: Premier Yarns Everyday, worsted weight, 203 yds/4 oz

  • Snow White, 162 yds
  • Black, 153 yds
  • Steel, 4 yds

Equipment: Zoom Loom; 5″ needle; tapestry needle; straight pins (optional)

Notions: stuffing; felt remnants in black and white; fabric glueBlack and white panda stuffed animal


  1. Make 18 White squares and 17 Black squares in plain weave.
  2. Double overcast or whip stitch 12 White squares together so they make a 2 x 6 rectangle.
  3. Double overcast or whip stitch 6 White squares together so they make a 1 x 6 rectangle.
  4. Double overcast or whip stitch 6 Black squares together so they make a 1 x 6 rectangle.
  5. With the right sides facing, use Steel to double overcast the Black strip in between the two White rectangles along the long sides—see Figure 1. The Steel is on the right side so it is visible.
  6. Fold the 4 x 6 rectangle in half with wrong sides together, so it is 4 x 3 (see Figure 1). Make sure the black sections are lined up.
  7. Double overcast or whip stitch the three sides closed, using White in the white section and Black in the black section. Leave one 4″ section unsewn for stuffing.
  8. Turn the body right side out. Stuff. Whip stitch closed.
  9. For a rounded head, push in the top two corners, pin, and whip stitch closed—see Figure 2.
  10. For each paw, sew 2 Black squares together along three sides. Turn right side out and stuff lightly. Align front paws to the black strip on the body and sew to the panda. Place rear paws at the bottom of the body, lining up their outer edges with the outer edges of the body. See the photo above and Figure 3 for placement.
  11. For curved paws, tuck the outer corners in and whip stitch with Black.
  12. For each ear and the tail, turn a Black square to look like a diamond as shown in Figure 4. Fold the right and left points in toward the center. Fold in half, so the bottom point lines up with the top point. Fold the top points in. Stuff lightly and sew around the edges to close. Sew to panda following Figure 3 and photos for placement.
  13. Cut out 2 eye spots, 2 eyeballs, and 1 nose from felt. Position on the face (see Figure 5) and glue in place.
    • black eye spots: ovals approximately 2-1/2″ x 1-3/4″
    • white eyeballs: circles approximately 3/4″ in diameter
    • black nose: heart approximately 1-1/4″ wide x 1-1/4″ tallChild hugging panda bear stuffy

Figure 1: Seaming body squares


Figure 2: Ear and Head Detail

Full body diagram for creating Zoom Loom stuffed panda

Figure 3: Full Body Diagram

Ears and Tail Diagram

Figure 4: Ears and Tail Diagram


head and face detail of stuffed panda made from Zoom Loom squares

Figure 5: Head and Face Detail



Child holding panda bear stuffed animal