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Oct 14
zoom loom potholder

Zoom Loom Color Block Potholder


Zoom Loom Color Block Potholder

Bright and cheery, this simple felted potholder is easy to make for holiday giving.


: Easy

Number of Squares

: 18


: Brown Sheep Nature Spun, Sport weight in Fox Red N46, Goldenrod 125, and Blue Boy 116.


: 4 x 4 Zoom Loom, 6” weaving needle


: Tapestry needle

Weaving instructions

: Weave 6 squares of each color. Do not sew in the ends.


: Each color block is 2 squares of the same color stacked together. Double all squares. Butt sets of squares together and use a lacing stitch to attach them, just catching the edge loops along the edges so as not to overlap them. When all squares are sewn together, use a loose end of yarn to stitch the sides closed, always matching the sewing yarn to the color of the square. Do not sew the ends into the fabric, this will create extra bulk and the fabric will not felt evenly. Just clip the ends leaving a teeny tiny tail.

stitching together the zoom loom potholder


: Wash in the washing machine with hot water and detergent along with an old towel. My potholder felted in about 5 minutes. Your machine may take longer. Check often so as not to over felt. Once the fabric is sufficiently felted, remove it from the machine and rinse in cool water until the water runs clear. Lay flat to dry. Steam Press.

zoom loom with hands