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Dec 13

Woven Wedding Table Runner

Designed and woven by Anne Sammons

Woven on the Cricket Loom

The woven block of color in the Log Cabin pattern depicts the love that provides a fluid, yet strong foundation for partnership. My project entitled Woven Wedding originated as a wedding gift to my son and his fiancée, in the hopes that they will experience this kind of love in their new lives together.


  • rigid heddle loom with at least a 10″ weaving width—I used my 15″ Cricket
  • 8 dent reed
  • two stick shuttles


  • 130 yards each in 2 colors of dk-weight yarn. The colors should should work well together with enough contrast to see the pattern develop. It’s hard to detect the Log Cabin pattern when the yarns are too close in color or value.

I used 2 skeins of our Illinois-grown wool yarn to create the runner. The dominant color (A) was our 3-ply Gray Rambouillet/Columbia cross yarn, available in our website shop. The complementary color (B) was a 3-ply merino dyed with marigolds. Check our online shop for other colors and wool breeds.

  • scrap yarn for bundling warp ends

Download the PDF for complete project instructions

diagrams on warping and weaving a table runner.