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Nov 20

Winter Pocket Garland

It’s that time of year again; there’s a chill in the air, children are getting excited for winter break, and families are planning holiday get-togethers. Now is a perfect time for a family project that could become a tradition or treasured heirloom. Bring people together this holiday season with our Winter Pocket Garland. Plan an afternoon of making together, complete with treats and cups of good cheer.

Perfect for this time of the year, the Winter Pocket Garland adds a bit of wintery decor to your home and doubles as an advent calendar, a Hanukah gift holder, or a place to insert notes with hopes and dreams for the next year.


Zoom Loom, Incredible Rope Machine


Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool in Ash Grey, Pale Blue Disc, Midnight Blue, and North Sea Whitecaps. Yardage requirements are dependent on how many pockets you choose to make. Each square requires approximately 8 yards of yarn.


Weave a variety of squares, the quantity requirements are below. We used the book of 100 Pin Loom Squares by Florencia Campos Correa to create a few patterned squares to add some variety to the piece.

Squares and triangles created from zoom loom weavings

For our sample, two different styles of pockets were used; triangles and squares.

Triangles use one Zoom Loom square, and the square pockets use two Zoom Loom squares.

Advent calendar:

Using the square, triangle, triangle, pattern, you’ll need 32 Zoom Loom squares.

Hanukah Bunting:

Alternating between square, and triangle pockets, you’ll need 12 Zoom Loom squares.

For our sample we used 16 Zoom Loom squares.


To make a triangle, fold a Zoom Loom square in half diagonally; whip stitching one side together.

A zoom loom square folded into a triangle

Open the triangle into a diamond shape, making sure the opening is in the back.

The triangle can then to refolded to create a diamond shape

Fold down the flap and secure to the top layer with a knot or bow. Do not go through all of the layers.

Folding down the flap of the diamond creates a pendant shape. The pendant can then be adorned with decoration like this bow

To make a square pocket, take two Zoom Loom squares and whip stitch them together along 3 sides leaving one side open.

After sewing up all of your shapes, wash your pockets and lay them flat to dry.

Use a length of rope (we made ours using the Incredible Rope Machine). Read the blog where we made our using variegated yarn.

Thread the squares and triangles as shown. Keep threading until all of the pockets are on the rope.

Hang your garland, and fill the pockets up with little toys, candy, and wishes!

Like this project pin it! If you make this garland, let us know on Instagram, tagging your photos with #schachtspindle.

Note: Another great group project is the Holly and the Ivy Wreath we made a couple of years ago as an office project. Get the instructions here.