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Jan 25

Wheel is hard to treadle

First check to see if there is a 1/16″ – 1/8″ gap between the lip of the flyer and the orifice bearing.

If there isn’t a gap:

Release the front maiden and back the front maiden off of the lip of the flyer.

If there is a gap, and the wheel is still hard to treadle:

There is a screw on the side of the front maiden that can be loosened to alleviate the pressure of the wood surrounding the front bearing. Turn the screw slightly to the left to loosen the grip of the wood on the front bearing. Turn it to the right to tighten it enough so the bearing doesn’t fall out. There will be a “sweet spot” that is just right where the bearing will not fall out, but will allow the flyer to spin freely.

This “sweet spot” may change with the weather because the moisture will affect the wood, and seasonal adjustments may be necessary. Dry weather will make the wood shrink, causing the bearing to feel loose; tighten the screw. Moisture will make the wood swell, causing the the bearing to feel tight; loosen the screw.