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Apr 13

Warping Frame Looms for Different Setts

by Rebecca Mezoff

A loom is basically a piece of equipment that holds a series of warp threads tightly so the weft can be woven across it. Some of the easiest looms to use are peg looms, like the Lilli Loom, Easel Weaver, or School Loom from Schacht. These looms have rows of pegs or teeth that the warp can wrap around; the pegs hold the warp ends tightly while we weave a weft-faced tapestry image. These sorts of looms are made to be warped at a particular sett (the number of warp ends per inch or EPI), but it is quite possible that you’d want to weave at other setts for a variety of reasons. In this article and the accompanying video, I’ll show you how to do this.

Schacht’s peg looms have teeth set at about 5.5 EPI. That is a fairly wide sett for most tapestry weavers. When I want a different sett, I use multiple warps in each slot, in different combinations, to come close to the desired sett. Then I use a simple technique called twining to even out the warp spacing. Grab your Lilli Loom, Easel Weaver, or School Loom to try it for yourself.

Download the PDF for the complete tutorial