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Nov 24

Top 5 Handmade Holiday Creations on the Zoom Loom

There’s more to the holidays than gift making. Every year, we enjoy creating our own decorations and cozy home goods! As part of our 2020 celebration of Handmade Holidays, we’ve rounded up our top 5 Zoom Loom home decor projects.

The Zoom Loom is perfect for projects that include repeating shapes and those of us who love to craft while watching our favorite Netflix special! Let’s get started.

#1 Holiday Flower Lights

holiday lights wrapped in colorful zoom loom weavings

#2 Hearth Side Blanket

Hearthside blanket on chair next to woodturning stove

#3 Zoom Loom Valance

Window valance made of Zoom Loom squares

#4 Winter Pocket Garland

Winter pocket garland

#5 12 Days of Christmas Ornament PDF’s

Handwoven 12 days of Christmas ornaments

Star Pattern

Snowman Pattern

Bird Pattern

Stocking Pattern

Present Pattern

Tree Pattern

Elf Pattern

Holly Pattern

Candy Twists Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Sweet Things Pattern

Tiny Gift Bag Pattern

Colorful weaving sitting atop a Zoom Loom

Learn more about the Zoom Loom here!