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Dec 04
Completed snowman

Surprise Snowman

Drinking hot cocoa, sledding, building snowmen; these are a few of my favorite snowy-day activities. In Colorado, it isn’t always snowy enough to build a snowman, so with this easy Zoom Loom project you can make your own snowman no matter the weather. This cutie requires just a few squares, so you’ll be finished in no time!

Here’s what you’ll need:


48 yards of white sport-weight yarn, 9 yards of a dark yarn, we used black in our sample. Brown yarn scraps. Orange yarn scraps.


Zoom Loom, crochet hook, tapestry needle

Other Supplies:

Fabric marker, fiberfill or for a more eco-friendly project, use wool.


Weave 6 white squares (leaving long tails,) and 1 dark square.


The main parts of the snowman before stuffing and assembly.

The main parts of the snowman before stuffing and assembly.

For the head, hand sew around all four edges on a white square and pull slightly to create a ball. Fill this with fiberfil, cinch closed and sew shut.

For the midsection, hand sew two white squares into a loop. Hand sew around both openings, pull tight on one end to create a pocket, stuff it, then pull the other end tight to create a larger ball. You can see the midsection (left) and the head (right) next to each other for size comparison.

Drawing the cinches shut creates round white balls to build the snowman

For the bottom of the body, hand sew three white squares into a loop For this ball, just hand sew around one opening and pull tight to create a “cup shape.”

The bottom ball should have a cup shape to cradle the other balls placed on top

Sew each section to each other as shown.

The three may sections of the snowman sewn onto each other

Use a doubled piece of yarn to create a drawstring around the base of the snowman.

To make the hat, fold down the black square to just over halfway. Then fold the overhanging edge back the other direction. Stitch the sides together into a tube and attach to the head of the snowman.

Using scraps of brown yarn, create arms like in the Surprise Sugar Plum Fairy project.

You can embroider or use fabric markers to create a face on the head and buttons down the midsection.

Transform the snowman into a snowball by flipping the base inside out, stuffing the top into the base, and pulling the drawstring taut. Surprise!

For another project with a hidden surprise, check out our Sugar Plum Fairy project! As always, if you make one of these projects, share it on Instagram with the hashtag #schachtspindle. Also, don’t forget to pin this project on Pinterest!