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Jul 12

Summertime Kitchen Towels

Designed and woven by Anu Bhatia

Woven on the Mighty Wolf Loom

People ask, “Why kitchen towels?” As a weaver, I love to learn new weave structures and experiment with setts, yarns, and colors. If I warp my loom for a series of kitchen towels, I can explore new weave structures in variety of colors, setts, and/or textures on a smaller scale. The end results are functional items for me or for someone else! In this series of towels, I explored summer & winter in two color combinations and two yarn weights, adding four lovely towels to my kitchen. I would like to thank Yarn Barn of Kansas for providing quality yarns for this project.

The name summer & winter comes from the distinctly light and dark sides of the fabric. It is a tied unit weave where supplementary weft floats are tied down with tabby.


  • 6+ shaft loom with at least a 20″ weaving width and 10 treadles—I used my 8-shaft Mighty Wolf
  • 10-dent reed
  • 2 shuttles
  • 2 bobbins
  • Temple or stretcher clips (optional but recommended)
  • sewing machine
  • sewing needle


  • 10/2 perle cotton (4200 yd/lb) in Natural: 1700 yds for warp and 1100 yds for tabby weft, plus a few yards for hemming towels
  • 5/2 perle cotton (2,100 yd/lb) in #32 Lipstick and #135 Jade Green, 300 yds of each color for pattern weft
  • 3/2 perle cotton (1,260 yd/lb) in #32 Lipstick and #135 Jade Green, 250 yds of each color for pattern weft

Download the PDF for complete project instructions

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