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Nov 13

Striped Hooded Scarf

Young man wearing hooded scarf

Weave your own classy hooded scarf on a pin loom. You’ll get a rounded hood, instead of a sharp pixie point, by sewing one square at an angle. Customize it with colors of your choice to make your favorite colors pop in the stripes. The color change is made during the weft, so warping is easy. Though making stripes will create more tails to weave in, the striping effect totally makes it worth it!

Finished Size:

72″ long (excluding fringe) x 11″ wide hood, 7-1/2″ wide scarf


Zoom Loom, 6″ weaving needle, tapestry needle, crochet hook (for making the optional tassels)


Lion Brand Yarns Heartland, worsted weight in #153 Black Canyon (black, 400 yards), #158 Yellowstone (gold, 60 yards), #113 Redwoods (red, 60 yards), #173 Everglades (green, 15 yards).


Weave 45 striped squares: 20 with Redwood stripes, 20 with Yellowstone stripes, 5 with Everglades stripes. (Weave more Redwood and Yellowstone striped squares for a longer scarf.)

To weave a striped square, warp the Zoom Loom with Black Canyon. Wrap Black Canyon around the loom 3 times and cut yarn. Plain weave the first 5 rows with Black Canyon, cutting yarn and leaving a tail . Wrap the stripe color around the loom 4 times and cut yarn. Leave a tail at the beginning of the first stripe row. For the next six rows, weave under 1, over 3 seven times, ending with under 1, over 2. Cut stripe yarn at the end of the 6th row, leaving a tail. Wrap Black Canyon around the Zoom Loom 3-1/2 times. Plain weave the last 5 rows. Tie the tails together at the beginning of Row 6 and the end of Row 11. This will make the loops needed for sewing the squares together.


  1. Use Black Canyon for all seaming, in a double overcast or whip stitch, worked from the wrong side of the squares.
  2. Seam the twenty Redwood striped squares together, lining up the stripes in a long 1 x 20 rectangle.
  3. Repeat step 2 with the twenty Yellowstone squares.
  4. Seam the Redwood rectangle to the Yellowstone rectangle along their long sides to make a 2 x 20 rectangle.
  5. Seam two Everglades squares together, lining up the stripes in a 1 x 2 rectangle. Make a second 1 x 2 rectangle with two more Everglades squares.
  6. Seam the Everglades rectangles along one long side below squares 8 and 9 and below squares 12 and 13 of the Yellowstone rectangle, as shown in the diagram. There’s now a gap between the two Everglades rectangles that is two squares wide and one square high.
  7. Fold the scarf in half with the wrong side out. Seam the Everglades rectangles together along their remaining long sides, marked in blue on the diagram. The gap remains the same size, but it’s formed a diamond-shaped hole.
  8. Place the final Everglades square in this gap, turning it 45 degrees so that two of its edges touch the Yellowstone rectangle and the other two edges touch the Everglades rectangles, marked in heavy black on the diagram. Line up this square’s stripes with one of the Everglades rectangles; it will not line up with the other Everglades rectangle. Seam all four edges.
  9. Weave in all tails and trim them.

Finishing: Optional Fringe

  1. Cut yarn in 10″ long strands for fringe on each end of the scarf. Cut about 6 Yellowstone, 6 Redwood, and 20 Black Canyon.
  2. Use a crochet hook to make lark’s head knots on each pair of loops. Use two strands at a time with Black Canyon on the Black Canyon loops, Yellowstone on the Yellowstone loops, and Redwood on the Redwood loops.
  3. Trim the fringe to an even length.

Young man wearing hooded scarf with yellow and red stripes