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Apr 20

Stellar Cowl – Lois Weaver

Stellar Cowl – Designed and woven by Lois Weaver

This cowl was a result of an escape to my local coffee shop, Stellar Coffee Company (thus the name), after a stressful week in my studio. I grabbed the squares I’d woven from one ball of Tempo and my tapestry needle and the rest is history.

This cowl works up very quickly and uses just one ball of the fabulous S. Charles “Tempo” yarn. The shifting of colors is what makes it so effective to work with.

A skein of brightly colored yarn

Photo courtesy of Tahki Stacy Charles

Difficulty rating:



1 ball of Tempo by Filatura Di Crosa


Zoom Loom


Tapestry Needle


Weave 14 squares leaving the long tail for sewing together. Work in the short end as you weave.


Lay out your blocks in sets of two (see photo below). Play around with the colors until you find a pleasing layout. There are many possibilities.

Lay out your blocks in sets of two to find pleasing layout

Whip stitch each set of two squares together using the long tail. Weave in any loose ends and trim.

As in the photo, sew each of the sets of two blocks together, stair-stepping each set.

Whip stitch each set of two squares together using the long tai

To finish, bring ends together and stitch.

bring ends together and stitch


Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Steam press.

Finished size:

30 inches end to end, 15 inches folded.

For more great pin loom garments and designs by Lois Weaver, such as the Harlequin Vest, check out her Etsy store. Her innovative designs are fashion forward and are a delight to weave up!