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Oct 04
Detail of artoucle yarn

Spinning Artouclé Yarn

Designed and spun by Ilze Tomsevics

Spun on the Sidekick Spinning Wheel

I have always enjoyed weaving and knitting with textured yarns, whether for an accent area or the entire project—they add zing to hats, mittens, and scarves. It’s also fun and easy to spin them! Any advanced beginner can make their own colorful textured yarns.
The procedure is simple and lets you create wild color combinations. For closely spaced bumps, choose short-staple wool and blend the colors for a thick-and-thin yarn. Then wrap a commercial yarn with the thick-and-thin yarn and secure it with a binding thread. (The commercial yarn and binding thread will be visible but not very noticeable. If you use black for both, this neutral will help the colors of your wool stand out.)


  • Sidekick spinning wheel
  • Tensioned Lazy Kate
  • at least 2 bobbins
  • hand carders or drum carder (depending on fibers chosen)


  • merino fiber or roving in a base color and at least 1 accent color
  • 8/2 cotton yarn in black
  • cotton/polyester sewing thread in black (or to match 8/2 yarn)

Download the PDF for the complete tutorial