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Feb 14

Spin Texture with the Bulky Plyer Flyer

bulky slyer flyer on a Schacht Sidekick spinning wheelWant to spin art yarn? Want to Navajo Ply? Want to spin really fat yarn? Want to ply a lot of yarn onto a bigger bobbin? Then, the Bulky Plyer Flyer is for you.

You can add the Bulky Plyer Flyer to any Schacht Matchless, Ladybug, or Sidekick Spinning Wheel. The same flyer and bobbin fit on all three wheels, only the front maiden varies. If you have more than one Schacht Spinning Wheel, you can purchase one Plyer Flyer Package for a specific wheel and then add a Bulky Front Maiden for each of your other wheels.

The Schacht Bulky Plyer Flyer features include a generously-sized 7/8” orifice, large capacity bobbin (about 8 ounces), sliding flyer hooks with incremental stops, and large round guide hooks. The Bulky Plyer Flyer comes with its own special front maiden, bulky flyer, and bulky bobbin. A cherry wood version for cherry Matchless Spinning Wheels is also available.

Note that the regular, travel, and high speed bobbins fit on the bulky flyer shaft, so you don’t need to change flyers to use your existing bobbins.  The bulky bobbins fit on the Schacht Tensioned Kate, as well as on the Ladybug Lazy Kate. The whorl ratios do not change when using the bulky flyer. When Navajo plying and spinning art yarns, we recommend the slow whorl.

Ask for the Schacht Bulky Plyer Flyer at your favorite Schacht dealer.