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Nov 26

Silurian Scarf – Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Blue and white Silurian scarf draped on to dressmakers form

This yarn is deceptively soft. With stealth on its side, this spun tweed yarn has the appearance of some of its more rustic counterparts, but the 70% Merino/30% Cashmere blend makes this one of the softest tweeds ever! Vertical stripes are pleasing to wear and easy to weave. A very simple pick-up pattern adds surface interest. It is the perfect complement to create something spectacular, with the cashmere lending luxurious yumminess.

Surprise an unsuspecting recipient with this sumptuous scarf that will enfold them with every use.

Weave Structure:

Warp pick-up pattern

Finished Size:

8ʺ (20.3 cm) wide and 75ʺ (191 cm) long, including fringe.

Three cakes of grey, blue-grey, and deep blue yarn


Warp: Valley Yarns Taconic (70% Merino/30% Cashmere; 125 yd [115 m]/1.75 oz [50 g])

82 yards of Light Gray (Light Grey)

80 yards of Sky Blue Tweed (Medium Grey/Blue)

43 yards of Navy Tweed (Dark Blue)

Weft: Valley Yarns Taconic (70% Merino/30% Cashmere; 125 yd [115 m]/1.75 oz [50 g])

200 yards of 515023 (Light Grey)


: 10” Schacht Cricket Loom, 8 dent heddle, one pick up stick, one shuttle and a darning needle

Number of Warp Ends:


Warp Length:


Width in Reed:






Warping Method:

Because you will be measuring odd numbers, we suggest you used the in-direct warping method (measure the warp on the warping board and then thread the loom).

Hint: Measure all of each color, making 3 separate warp chains. Thread the Grey/blue first and then will in the spaces with the other 2 colors. Count the skipped slots and holes carefully!

Warp Color Order:

Draft of warp color order for Silurian scarf


Measure 10” (25.4 cm) from the tie-on ends and weave two picks, waiting until the second pick to beat. Hemstitch to secure the ends in groups of 2 warp threads and 2 weft threads.

Pick-up Pattern:

To prepare the pick-up stick, place the heddle in the down position and pick up the pattern from right to left behind the heddle. Only the raised threads from the light group will be picked up in the pattern as follows:

  • Skip the selvedge thread and pick up the next 2 (raised) threads
  • Pick up every other raised thread in the next light group
  • Pick up both raised threads in the next light group
  • Pick up every other thread in the next light group
  • Pick up both threads in the next light group
  • Pick up the last 2 threads in the final (selvedge) group

Once the pick-up stick is in place begin weaving in the following pattern:

  1. Heddle up pick-up stick (place heddle in up position and slide pick-up flat up to behind the heddle)
  2. Heddle down
  3. Heddle up
  4. Heddle down

Weave until you have 10” (25.4 cm) left at the other end of the warp. Hemstitch at you began.

Remove the scarf from the loom.

close up view of blue and white striped Silurian scarf


    1. Place scarf in sink with warm water and a small amount of dish soap.
    2. Let sit for 15 minutes.
    3. Swish around a little.
    4. Drain water.
    5. Rinse with warm water to remove soap.
    6. Squeeze excess water from scarf.
    7. Roll scarf in dry towel.
    8. Place in dryer with low heat and dry towel for 3 minutes. Watch carefully to not over full.
    9. Remove from dryer and hang to finish drying
    10. Press with steam iron on medium.

Twist the fringe in groups of 4. Tie knots at 4” (10 cm) of the twisted fringe. Press scarf and fringe with steam iron. Cut fringe ends evenly. Your scarf is ready to wear.

Products at a Glance

Cricket Loom

The Cricket Loom is compact, capable, and cute! The Cricket is available in a 10″ or 15″ weaving widths. The Cricket is made of high-quality maple ply and hard maple and is left unfinished. Each Cricket comes with an 8-dent reed (sorry, no substitutions). We also have 5-, 10- and 12-dent reeds. Included are a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn.

Schacht Cricket Loom and shuttle

Fringe Twister

Schacht’s Fringe Twister makes creating the final finishing touch quick, easy and comfortable. We’ve re-designed the traditional straight style twister into our curvaceous one. It wasn’t aesthetics that dictated this change, but rather functionality. The round shape will never jam like straight twisters tend to, allowing you to wind quickly and smoothly. Our Fringe Twister offers two hand winding positions, the handle or the turning wheel, Use whichever feels the most comfortable. The shapely handle is designed to be easy to hold for either right or left handed twisting. The threaded clips can be easily replaced if damaged; our Twister sports 3 of them, but you can use only 2 if that is what the project requires.

Schacht Spindle Fringe Twister