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May 15

Part 7: Zoom Loom Yarn Explorations

We’re still having a lot of fun trying out a lot of yummy yarns on our Zoom Looms. From Frog Tree we’re showing Pediboo sock yarn (80% washable merino wool/20% bamboo) in color 1150 (purple) and Picoboo (60% pima cotton/40% bamboo), color 1026 (dark pink).We’ve woven both solid purple and red squares, and then tried blends, one with purple wound on the loom for three layers and woven with red, and the other wound with red and woven with purple. These swatches are soft and would make a great hat or scarf.

Squares of Frog Tree Pediboo sock yarn in shades of red and purple

Below, here are additional colors in the same Frog Tree Picoboo yarn.  Right to left: color 1017 (yellow), Pediboo in color 1146 (green).The smooth, washable nature of these yarns makes them ideal for items requiring laundering, such as a baby blanket.
The smooth, washable nature of these yarns makes them ideal for items requiring laundering, such as a baby blanket.

Below, we’ve played around with quite a few different yarns from Trendsetter Yarns

At left, Orchidea (42% cotton/ 42% acrylic/16% nylon) ribbon, color 610(pink/blue/green/gold/yellow). The short color changes, along with the matte and shiny sections, make a fun, plaid-like square with a lovely drape for a scarf or cowl. At top center, Ascot (100% superwash wool), color 17 (rust), bulky weight, is soft and soothing with subtle color changes. We can imagine this yarn used to make a warm, lightweight, washable baby blanket. At right, Ascot and Dune (45% mohair/24% acrylic/20% viscose/6% new wool/4% polyester) are used together makes a dressy, soft square that would be wonderful for evening accessories needing a bit of glitz. We like the lively combination of texture and color.

Squares of yarn from Trendsetter Yarns in red and variegated colors

Kid Chic (75% kid mohair/16% silk/9% poly), color 2 (off white) lace weight, woven with Illusion, (53% wool/47% acrylic), color 950, both also from Trendsetter. We love the depth of texture achieved with this combination of yarns.
A mixed square of Trendsetter Yarns' Illusion and kid Chic

Phoenix, (66% Viscose/34% Cotton), color 935, another yarn from Trendsetter, is fun to weave for it’s combination of matte and shiny contrasts, forming a plaid when woven. Again, ribbon yarn makes a square with beautiful drape.

Two squares of Trendsetters' Phoenix yarn in shades of rose