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May 24

Part 12: Zoom Loom Yarn Explorations

Yes, we have still more Zoom Loom squares for you to look at (and drool over!).

Tahki Stacy Charles yarns, left to right: Diamante, color 12 Sapphire, 63% wool/32% nylon/5% polyester metallic; Tara Tweed, color 16 Cherry tweed, 80% wool/20% nylon; Gioiello, color 68 Fuchsia, 30% kid mohair/30% extrafine wool/20% polyamide.

Diamante weaves up into a nice firm fabric, perfect for outerwear.
Tara Tweed is scrumptious with little pops of color. It also weaves into a dense fabric.
Gioiello is a guilty little pleasure that is decadently spun. This yarn is a modern, a fresh lace weight.

Swatches of Tahki Stacy Charles yarns in speckled blue, red, and pink

Zara Chine, in Sand #800, 100% extrafine superwash merino wool and Cotton Classic, in Wheat #3253 and Linen White #3003, 100% cotton.

Zara Chine is soft and absolutely cozy. Perfect for close-to-the-skin accessories/garments
Cotton Classic is a sturdy yarn with a beautiful sheen. Great for a light Spring/Summer top.

Swatches from Zara Chine in tan, gold, and white

Below is Emma Creation Shiny Fur in Silver. This is a super fuzzy yarn and would make all kinds of fun wild accessories.

A swatch of Emma Creation Shiny Fur in Silver

Fiesta Yarns sent us a variety of their variegated yarns. From left clockwise: Linnette, 70% linen/30% pima cotton, color Cedar Crest #183; La Luz Multi, 100% Mulberry silk, color Cool Breeze #138; Ballet, 50% superfine alpaca/50% tencel, color Alaska; Baby Boom, 90% extrafine superwash merino/10% nylon, color Singapore #172.Linnette is a funky yarn full of texture. The colors pop into a pseudo-plaid when woven with the Zoom Loom.La Luz Multi has a sheen that this photo just can’t capture. The drape of La Luz is delicate and fit for royalty. Ballet is a sweet and soft yarn that is quick to weave. The tencel adds a hint of shimmer which compliments the alpaca beautifully.Baby Boom is a good utilitarian yarn that would be perfect for children to weave on the Zoom Loom. The colors are bold and would be fun to piece together in a quilt.

Swatches of Fiesta Yarns in four steps of tartan patterns from muted to pastel

Frabjous Fibers Peace Silk (left) and (right) Reclaimed Cotton woven with Peace Silk. Both of these yarns have a thick and thin texture that works together wonderfully.

Swatches of Frabjous Fibers' Peace Silk (left) and (right) Reclaimed Cotton

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  1. Jane Patrick
    June 3, 2013 at 10:29 pm ·

    Dear Leslie, the easy answer is that there is one sett, but as you'll see from all of the swatches, there is a lot of variation. We've combined heavy weight yarns with lightweight ones, as well as used fine wools which we heavily fulled to give us the desired hand. I hope you're having fun with your Zoom Loom.