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March 2021

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Estes Park Wool Market

June 8, 2023 Meet us in Estes Park!

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck)

October 19, 2023 Sheep and Wool Festival website

March 2021 Newsletter

Deflected Doubleweave Manor Garden Scarf

Designed by Anu Bhatia

Last year, right before the pandemic put us under lockdown, I visited the United Kingdom, not once but twice! Even though it was the peak of winter, London and surrounding areas looked lush green. On our bus ride from central London to Bristol, I was mesmerized by the rolling green pastures and meadows on both sides of the highway. Most impressive were the manor-type houses and their gardens with boxwood hedges neatly trimmed in geometric shapes. It was a lovely sight. With those images still fresh in my mind, I designed the Manor Garden scarf in deflected doubleweave on my new Mighty Wolf. I used two wool and silk laceweight yarns in contrasting colors for warp and weft.

Click here for the pattern!

Introducing the Standard Floor Loom Trap

We’re so pleased to announce our newest floor loom accessory. Finally Standard Floor Loom owners can join the rest of the Schacht pack in our love of traps. Once you have a trap for your loom, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Schacht’s Standard Floor Loom Trap adds convenient storage to your Standard Floor Loom. The sturdy nylon sleeve can hold your shuttles and tools—even sharp scissors—right at the front of your loom. Clamp the trap to the front legs of your loom when you’re ready to weave, and remove it for warping.

The trap is available in cherry or maple, to match your loom (for both styles, cross rods inside the sleeve are made of maple for added strength). It comes in two sizes to fit all 36″ and 45″ looms.

Assembly is simple. You’ll just need a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a helper or a small table to support the cloth sleeve.

Learn more about the Trap here!

Thanks for Joining the Long Draw Spin-along!

It’s our final week of the Long Draw Spin-along. Thank you to our 1500 participants who’ve spun along with us for the past three weeks! If you missed this event, you can find all 3 lessons and videos here.

Find our final video on Finishing below! We hope you’ll join us again next time we spin-along together.

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