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January 2020

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January 2020 Newsletter

The Year Ahead with Schacht


Thank you so much for celebrating our 50th Anniversary with us in 2019. While telling our story last year, we found ourselves more connected with the community that has made our 50 years possible. This year at Schacht, we will be celebrating the weavers and spinners that make up our local and global community. We’ll be striving to reach, serve, and showcase our community through education, outreach, and engagement.

Throughout the year, look for new products to improve your experience and practice. We’ll release limited edition collaborations with hand-dyers, offer sneak-peaks of our employees making the products you love and feature stories from our local community. Look for us at TNNA, Convergence, and our Boulder Fiber Fest! Please join us in coming together to celebrate this wonderful group that includes each of you!

Made By Hand – Lena Corwin

BK1094 – $29.95

Made By Hand is a collection of various projects, each designed by different artists. Corwin based the book on various classes from artists that Corwin hosted in her Brooklyn studio. Each tutorial in the book is “taught” by the artist who created the project. The book explores a few projects beyond fibers, including soap making and dipping beeswax candles, but primarily focuses on working with textiles.

Corwin provides basic tutorials of some techniques used in the book, including using a sewing machine and an introduction to knitting and crochet. The instructions for each class are clear and easy to follow. Each project varies in difficulty, but regardless of your skill level, there’s sure to be something you’re interested in.


Spin, Dye, Stitch – Jennifer Claydon

BK1088 – $29.50

Spin, Dye, Stitch lays out different techniques you can use to customize your yarn. Claydon teaches how to use drop spindles, modern and traditional spinning wheels, and various dye methods. There are suggested projects for all skill levels of spinning, including using your handspun yarn for knitting and weaving projects. Claydon also provides tips and fixes for any mishaps that you may encounter as you spin, with clear instructions and photos.

By spinning and dyeing your own yarn, you can take more control over your projects. You won’t be limited by commercial colors and yarn. This book is excellent for learning some basic fiber knowledge, how to get started spinning, how to dye fiber at home, and what you can do with your yarn.

The Modern Natural Dyer – Kristine Vejar

BK1092 – $29.95

The Modern Natural Dyer walks through the ways that natural dyes can be used at home. With beautiful photos of dye samples, Vejar uses clear, step-by-step instructions to explain how and why natural dyes work. From collecting and growing plants used for dyeing to choosing fiber to surface design, Vejar packs the book with information.

Each project incorporates other fiber arts, from knitting to felting to sewing, and every project builds skill and knowledge when working with natural dyes. They introduces new skills and techniques so whether you’re new to dye work or not, there’s sure to be something you’re excited by.


The Year of Knots – Windy Chien

The Year of Knots is a cross between a classic tutorial book and a memoir. Chien discusses her growing process as an artist and maker in a passionate and inspiring way. She talks about how knotting changed her life and her self-challenge with the “Year of Knots”, a project where she learned a new knot every day for a year. As she discusses her journey with knotting, Chien inspires and shares advice for artists that she learned along the way.

These tutorials walk you through various knots and their potential uses, each knot increasing in complexity. Each project is unique and easy to follow. Chein challenges readers to “elevate the everyday” by exercising creativity.


Weave Leno – Martha Reeves

BK1098 – $24.99

Weave Leno by Martha Reeves demonstrates how to incorporate the lacy technique into your next project. Reeves details the history of leno and shares the different leno techniques from around the world. She explains how to turn leno fabric into clothing and the best sewing techniques to use when working with leno.

Each chapter explores a new leno technique presented along with a project. From table runners, to curtains, to sweaters, this book will likely have a project that speaks to you. Reeves goes in depth, making the projects easy to follow for a beginning weaver, but supplies information that will interest experienced weavers as well.

Weaving as an Art Form – Theo Moorman

BK1099 – $12.99

Theo Moorman’s Weaving as an Art Form details her experience developing as a weaver in the 1920s, following artists from the Arts and Crafts Movement. She shares her design inspiration and process. She gives advice for how to develop your ideas physically, conceptually, and technically.

Moorman discusses the development of her technique and walks through the different ways it can be used. She provides exercises to follow along with when learning the technique, along with suggestions for using the cloth. From inlay exercises to finishings, Moorman presents a well-rounded and nuanced view of learning the Moorman technique.

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