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December 2022

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December 2022 Newsletter

End of the Year Project Collection

Subtle Star Overshot Doubleweave Blanket

Designed and woven by Rachel Simmons

Woven on the Baby Wolf

When we want “more” from our art, sometimes that wish gets muddled with wanting “more stuff” to make the art. But more stuff isn’t always possible. Then comes the very beautiful realization that we can make more with what we have—especially if it’s a high-quality tool like a Schacht 8-shaft floor loom. The trick is learning how to make what you have give you more.

Find the full pattern here

blanket on a chair with plants and a shuttle next to it.

Log Cabin Napery

Designed and woven by Malynda Allen

Woven on the Flip Loom

“Napery” refers to “table linens woven with flax, usually used to wipe the fingers and mouth.” This set of six hemmed napkins, woven in plain weave on a rigid heddle loom, feature a solid color with a contrasting log cabin corner motif. For ease of weaving, 8/2 cotton doubled is used for the warp, while a linen weft adds a luxurious touch. The soft, crisp combination of linen and cotton will be a simple yet elegant addition to your table.

Find the full pattern here

handwoven napkins on a table with tableware.

Woven Wedding Table Runner

Designed and woven by Anne Sammons

Woven on the Cricket Loom

The woven block of color in the Log Cabin pattern depicts the love that provides a fluid, yet strong foundation for partnership. My project entitled Woven Wedding originated as a wedding gift to my son and his fiancée, in the hopes that they will experience this kind of love in their new lives together.

Find the full pattern here

Unity Blanket

Designed and woven by Margaret Stump

Woven on the Zoom Loom

Last year, I decided to make a blanket so that I would have a long-term project to weave. That meant that no matter where I went, if I was going to a meeting or visiting friends, I had a project I could easily take with me to work on. To me, that is one of the real benefits of using a hand-sized, portable loom. After I planned the pattern, I named it the Unity Blanket because the design felt calm and harmonious.

Find the full pattern here

blanket with zoom loom squares on a couch.

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