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December 2021

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Estes Park Wool Market

June 8, 2023 Meet us in Estes Park!

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck)

October 19, 2023 Sheep and Wool Festival website

December 2021 Newsletter

Happy Holidays! You’ll notice a change in our project formatting. Moving forward, all of our project pages will include an outline of the project and a link to a PDF with complete project instructions. Download the PDF, then print it or read it from your favorite device. We hope this upgrade makes it more convenient for you to make the projects we publish. 

Carmina Cape

Designed and woven by Florencia Campos Correa
Woven on the Zoom Loom

Florencia Campos Correa has just published a sequel to 100 Pin Loom Squares (2015). Her new book, Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom, includes all the tips and experience she has gathered designing patterns and projects on pin looms since then. Carmina Cape is one of the projects in Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom.

Malabrigo Yarn and Schacht Spindle Company sponsored this book.

Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom is coming to Schacht’s warehouse at the end of December!

Download the PDF Pattern Here.

Holiday Lap Blanket

Designed and woven by Mackenzie Keller
Woven on the Cricket Loom and Zoom Loom

As a beginner weaver, I have greatly enjoyed learning how to weave on my Zoom Loom and Cricket. I also get cold at my desk, so a lap blanket seemed like the perfect useful first project. Since my Cricket loom has a maximum weaving width of 15″, I decided to widen the blanket with Zoom Loom squares, rather than joining two panels together. The result is a simple yet festive blanket with patchwork elements and a bit of fringe.

If you want a wider blanket or have a 10″ Cricket, you can choose to add more rows of Zoom Loom squares or weave a second center panel.

Download the PDF Pattern Here.

Online Inkle Course (COMING SOON)

We’ve got a fabulous beginning inkle weaving course coming soon to our online school. Start off your new year by learning to weave on the portable and oh-so-convenient Inkle loom! Look for it early in 2022.

Course Description: Discover the beauty of warp-faced fabric. In our Inkle weaving course, you’ll learn everything from warping the loom to developing your own designs. We’ll get started with warping, then weaving plain weave, and finally we’ll jump into pick-up patterns. You’ll even get to design your own pick-up patterns. You’ll end up with a set of keychains that will make great gifts or can be added to your handwoven collection. 

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