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December 2020

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December 2020 Newsletter

We’re wrapping up the Handmade Holidays season with more awesome projects!

It’s not too late to be making gifts for the holidays, and it’s a great time to take on a crafty challenge!

We’ve got inspiration and projects for you and your loom. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for an interview with Sara Lamb.

Inkle Looms

Inkle Band Chair Seat

Designed by Judy Pagels

Sometimes I need an incentive to make a “someday” project into a “now” project. Schacht had an employee makers’ challenge this past fall, and it motivated me to pursue and complete a simple chair restoration. The twist: I wove inkle bands to replace the chair seat.

The chair has a simple design and I remember it being in our house when I was a little girl. At some point, it became mine and eventually the seat disintegrated. I stored it away for years, always intending to make a replacement seat in natural cord similar to the original—until inkle weaving entered my life! I have a fondness for uncommon decadence, so it was not a big leap for me to think that a woven seat of inkle bands would be just the thing for the chair.

Zoom Looms

Zoom Loom Blocks

Designed by Constance Hall

What toddler wouldn’t love these colorful, squishable cotton blocks!? Each block takes just 6 squares made on a Zoom Loom. They are quick to do and each square can be as simple or as complicated as the weaver desires. Make them all plain weave, or all patterned weave, or a mix of patterns and colors. Choose bright primary colors or go with a nursery color scheme. Leave squares as is or embellish them with cross-stitched or appliquéd letters, shapes, or animals. It’s all up to the block designer—you!

Cotton yarn can be a challenge to weave with on a Zoom Loom, as it has no stretch. It’s worth the effort to use cotton for these blocks, though: they can easily be washed and are comfy to squeeze.

Tapestry Looms

Explore Tapestry PDF

We made our very popular Explore Tapestry Weave-along into a PDF! Each section has a technique video and very detailed explanation.

This is a great series for a beginner tapestry weaver. Find the technique videos here.

Floor Looms

From our Archives:
Exploring Rosepath on 8 Shafts

with Jane Patrick

I love patterns in weaving and I especially am captivated by rosepath, a member of the twill family of weave structures. Like only weavers can understand, I get a kick out of threading up a loom and exploring patterns by changing the tie-up and treadling for many different variations. I find that weavers often forget that many patterns can be woven on the same threading by just changing the tie-up and treadling. Rosepath is a point twill broken by a thread at the turning point. It is a favorite of mine because it can be so incredibly versatile—so thread up your loom with a long warp and play, play, play.

Get motivated to stay crafty with Sara Lamb.

In this interview, Sara shares her secrets for continuously improving and refining her skills. 

Happy Holidays!


Your Schacht Team

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