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April 2022

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New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck)

October 19, 2023 Sheep and Wool Festival website

April 2022 Newsletter

Warping Frame Looms for Different Setts

by Rebecca Mezoff

A loom is basically a piece of equipment that holds a series of warp threads tightly so the weft can be woven across it. Some of the easiest looms to use are peg looms, like the Lilli Loom, Easel Weaver, or School Loom from Schacht. These looms have rows of pegs or teeth that the warp can wrap around; the pegs hold the warp ends tightly while we weave a weft-faced tapestry image. These sorts of looms are made to be warped at a particular sett (the number of warp ends per inch or EPI), but it is quite possible that you’d want to weave at other setts for a variety of reasons. In this article and the accompanying video, I’ll show you how to do this.

Schacht’s peg looms have teeth set at about 5.5 EPI. That is a fairly wide sett for most tapestry weavers. When I want a different sett, I use multiple warps in each slot, in different combinations, to come close to the desired sett. Then I use a simple technique called twining to even out the warp spacing. Grab your Lilli Loom, Easel Weaver, or School Loom to try it for yourself.

Read the full tutorial here

Carding for Color Part III: Embroidery

by Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

I have been smitten with color since preschool. I remember my teacher adding red food coloring to a large glass pitcher of water, then making a pitcher of blue and a pitcher of yellow. From these primary colors they mixed secondary colors; purple, orange and green. They had me at purple.

These principles of mixing color have served me to this day. For this project we’ll be looking at a picture, choosing a section we find visually pleasing, and breaking down the colors so we can spin them and recreate that portion of the picture in yarn using embroidery.

Find the full tutorial here

We are very excited to announce our 2022 Tools for Schools Grant Recipients!

Access Arts (Columbia, Missouri)

Access Arts is creative space for a diverse range of makers. They focus on bringing arts programs to underserved populations in the community including disabled students, homeschooling communities, veterans, those experiencing financial difficulties, and much more. With this grant, Access arts will receive a Baby Wolf Loom and Inkle Looms. We are so excited to see how they continue their mission with this new equipment.

Salolampi Foundation (Moorhead, Minnesota)

The Salolampi Foundation is a total immersion Finnish language and culture program. They are passionate about passing on traditional weaving techniques to younger generations. They will be adding Cricket Looms, Tablet Weaving Cards, and Belt Shuttles to their weaving department. We look forward to seeing what this brings to their program.

Colorado Weavers Day

Colorado Weavers Day is May 6-7, 2022. We’d love to have you join us!

For a little over a decade, Colorado Weavers Day has brought weavers together to celebrate weaving, learn from each other, and network with other weavers and guilds. It is always inspirational and connecting. This year, we are taking the conference virtual and invite you to join us for an evening and day of vision and community.

Learn more and register today

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