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April 2021

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Upcoming Events

Estes Park Wool Market

June 8, 2023 Meet us in Estes Park!

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck)

October 19, 2023 Sheep and Wool Festival website

April 2021 Newsletter

Jillian’s Tips for Bulky Spinning

By Jillian Moreno

I love spinning bulky yarn—there is such instantaneous joy to it. A lot of spinners only spin bulky when they spin art yarn or highly textured yarn. I do that too, but I like the mellowness of spinning a smooth chubby yarn.

For spinners who mostly spin fine or even medium yarns, spinning bulky can be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you spin fat.

Jillian Moreno spins our new Larimer Street Spinning Fiber with the Flatiron and a Bulky Plyer Flyer.


Larimer Street Spinning Fiber

Dive into color with our new spinning fiber from Peggy Doney of The 100th Sheep, designed and dyed exclusively for Schacht Spindle Company.

The Fiber

  • 4 oz braid
  • 75% BFL, 25% tussah silk
  • Beautifully hand-dyed by The 100th Sheep

Meet the 100th Sheep in this video!

Schacht Sheep Greeting Cards

We’ve had the iconic Schacht sheep photo reimagined by Boulder artist Catherine Pistone.  Catherine’s original artwork is printed on the cover of high-quality cardstock greeting cards. Share your love of the Schacht sheep when you send these greeting cards to your friends and family!

What’s Included

  • Pack/10 blank greeting cards & 10 envelopes


Upcoming Two Heddle Weaving Courses & Kits

with Jane Patrick

Two courses, each with its own yarn kit. Courses will be hosted on our new learning platform (launching soon!). 

Weaving with Two Heddles: Sampler Scarf

Weaving with Two Heddles: Doubleweave Tool Holder

2021 Tools for Schools Grant Recipients

We are so excited to announce our grant recipients for 2021. With all of the difficulty schools and non-profits have faced through the pandemic, supporting the arts feels more important than ever!

Students showing off their masterpieces in front of the Art Garage!

The Art Garage (Denver, Colorado)

Under directors Katie and Abi, the Art Garage hosts classes, courses, and parties on top of collaborating with local organizations to bring their arts programming to underserved communities. With this equipment grant, the Art Garage will add a weaving program to their curriculum.  Inkle Looms and Cricket Looms will be available to their students. We can’t wait to see how they are incorporate weaving in their organization.

Learn more about The Art Garage here!

Alice in front of her school!

Cape Horn-Skye Elementary & Canyon Creek Middle School (Washagoul, Washington)

Art education in Washougal will get a boost from Alice Yang, who teaches middle and elementary school art. She is the first art teacher at her rural school. Alice has redesigned the art curriculum to be choice-based: students will choose from “centers” highlighting different art disciplines. In the Fiber Arts center, students can try a variety of Schacht looms and spindles throughout the year. Wool for spinning will be donated from the families of her students, as many of them keep sheep and other fiber animals. We look forward to seeing how our equipment benefits these kids.


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