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Sep 14
blue and white coverlet on bed

Monmouth Cotton Coverlet

Designed and woven by Malynda Allen

Using the Schacht Standard Floor Loom

This queen-size coverlet boasts a popular pattern from 1770s to 1860s Colonial America sometimes called “Monmouth.” I have woven this one from 100% cotton so that is easier to wash and care for. Two colors give the pattern depth, and I have adjusted the treadling to keep the pattern balanced and in pleasing proportions for the yarns I chose. My coverlet also features a handwoven fringed tape trim, reminiscent of the fringe on traditional coverlets. The tape trim was woven separately on the same loom as the coverlet. A heavy floating selvedge spaced away from the main threads creates a looped fringe that will not unravel.



  • Warp: Georgia Yarn Company 8/2 cotton (3360 yds./lb.), 7,000 yds in Natural.
  • Tabby weft: Georgia Yarn Company 8/2 cotton, 5,000 yds in Natural.
  • Pattern weft: Valley Cotton 3/2 perle cotton (1260 yds./lb), 3500 yds in Sapphire Blue and 1100 yds in Celestial Blue.

Fringe Tape

  • Warp: Georgia Yarn Company 8/2 cotton, 350 yds in Natural; 8/4 cotton carpet warp or other thick, strong, smooth yarn, 12 yds in any color.
  • Weft: Georgia Yarn Company 8/2 cotton, 800 yds in Natural; Valley Cotton 3/2 perle cotton, 800 yds in Sapphire Blue.


Download the PDF for full project instructions

3 views of a blue and white coverlet