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Jan 26
Ladybug Spinning Wheel

Ladybug Troubleshooting

My Ladybug makes a clunking noise when I spin.

My Ladybug’s drive wheel won’t turn when I treadle.

In the past, some wooden hubs detached from the nylon drive wheel. It seems in some cases the glue failed and this caused the wheel to separate from the wooden hub center. Generally, the wheels affected are from 2011 and 2012.

Note: A loose screw between the Ladybug hub and crank can also cause a clunking noise, so this should be checked as well to see if a clunking sound is caused by a loose hub screw.

We have repair kit that we will send for to you to make the repair. We will send a printed label in the box for you to return the kit to us when you are finished.

I found this little metal piece with a white screw in it.

The glide stop (the white piece) for the front maiden has fallen out of the wheel. The barrel nut (the metal piece) is glued into the front maiden, but due to climate changes, etc., sometimes the glue does not hold.

To remove the front maiden, unscrew the front maiden knob and lift the front maiden from the wheel. Put a little epoxy on the barrel nut with the glide stop and replace it in the front maiden as shown in the picture below. After allowing time for the epoxy to cure, replace the front maiden in the wheel. You can use a fingernail, coin, or flat screwdriver to align the barrel nut so that the front maiden knob can fasten into it.

Yarn is wrapped around the wheel hub and I can’t get it out.

If you are not able to remove the yarn using needle nose pliers or tweezers, you can remove the front leg to get better access to the hub area. See this instruction on how to remove and replace the front leg of the Ladybug spinning wheel.

Treadles are squeaky or making noise

In some cases, a small change to your foot position on the treadles can reduce or eliminate noise. Experiment and see what works. If you continue to have problems, please email us for assistance.