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Dec 28

How to Use the Sidekick Bag

The Sidekick bag is designed to fit your wheel perfectly and snugly inside. There is only one correct way to insert your Sidekick into the bag. Here is a guide on how to properly place your Sidekick into the bag without damaging either.

Closed sidekick bag with sidekick when lying next to it


After folding up your Sidekick, lay your wheel on the floor with the treadle holding the flyer facing down (the “blank” treadle faces up as shown above). Orient the wheel so the bottom is towards you and the top is away from you. The bag should be laid out to the left of the wheel, like a book with the strap on the right hand side pointing towards the wheel and the flap opening to the left.

Opened sidekick bag with sidekick spinning wheel next to it

Open your bag like a book (the strap will be on the right).

Sidekick spinning wheel placed inside sidekick bag

Insert your Sidekick in the bag as shown above, the bottom of the wheel is still towards you, with the blank treadle facing up (the top is away from you).

Sidekick bag zipped shut with sidekick spinning wheel inside

As you zip up the bag, pull up the “walls” of the sides as you go around. The fit is snug. Your Sidekick is all packed up and ready to go wherever you go!

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