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Jan 13
carders, wool, and sticks in a bowl

How to Make a Rolag on Hand Carders

By Jacqueline Harp

Instagram @foreverfiberarts

Using Schacht Hand Carders

When you want warmth, loft, and individuality, you spin woolen-style yarns. Yarns made from woolen fiber preps or with a woolen draft are squishy, insulating, and full of character when turned into fabric, so they make your coziest projects come to life. Imagine dancing in the snow wearing a gorgeous woven scarf with a soft, fleece-like texture, or sporting a pair of scrumptious, knitted fingerless gloves to the local coffee shop for your favorite beverage and perhaps a yummy baked treat.

You can spin any fiber prep with a woolen draft, but a woolen fiber prep—a rolag—will add extra loft to your yarn. A rolag is the bread and butter of a hand spinner’s toolbox: an airy, fluffy tube of fiber that a hand spinner can effortlessly control and direct when spinning. Hand carders are the perfect tool for making rolags. Let’s learn how to make rolags with our Schacht hand carders in a few easy steps.

Materials &Equipment

  • Fiber: I used washed, undyed Finnsheep lamb locks sourced from Ashley Hoffman at Cedar View Farm in Mitchells, Virginia.
  • Schacht Hand Carders
  • comfortable chair
  • tablecloth
  • container for finished rolags
  • dowels, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or chopsticks longer than the width of your hand carders

Download the PDF for the complete tutorial

two in progress photos of carding a rolag, finished rolags