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Feb 13

How to Make a Freeform Friendship Bracelet

Many people celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving tokens of affection to loved ones. Nothing says “I really love you, friend” like a friendship bracelet. While growing up, all my friends had hand knotted bracelets made from embroidery floss. This take on the friendship bracelet uses the same concept here to creatively declare how most of us would simply unravel without friends like them.


Schacht Cricket Loom with a 12-dent reed, tapestry needle, beading needle

Finished Size:

3/4” wide, length–wrist measurement plus ½”.


plain weave, freeform tapestry with added beads, weft-faced.

Yarn and Materials:

Lace weight for warp, various coordinating yarns for weft, beads, and thread.

Warp length: 1 yard

Total warp ends: 13

Width in reed: 1″

Ends per inch: 12

Picks per inch: Varies


Using the direct warping method, measure a 1 yard warp of lace weight yarn using the following pattern: sley 6 slots and then take the last thread back to the peg for a total of 13 threads.


Put in a header to spread the warp. I use thinly cut plastic grocery bags strips. Weave 3 picks of the same lace weight yarn used for warp and beat. plastic grocery bag strips spread the warp

Using the tapestry needle, hemstitch the end of the weaving going over one warp and the 3 weft picks. Weave a ¼” of plain weave with the lace weight yarn, beating firmly. Now it’s time to start the freeform weaving, as demonstrated in the video below.

This has a Bohemian flare, so tap into your creative juices and just weave!


Stop freeform weaving once the bracelet has reached its desired length minus ¼”.  Weave ¼” of plain weave with the lace warp yarn and hemstitch as in the beginning. Cut the bracelet off the loom, steam press from the back using a press cloth and trim all the loose ends. Attach your desired clasp, or leave the ends and twist the fringe for a bracelet that ties onto your wrist. Give this to someone you love.

The incredible detail of freeform weaving

This bracelet was inspired by Liz Smith and her Magpie Bracelet on Creativebug.