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Aug 19

Houndstooth Lap Blanket

We love color and weave and this project for a lightweight blanket is a good place to start trying out 8-shaft weaving. We used the characteristic, dark, light threading, but changed the dark colors as we threaded across the warp (see warp color order chart).

Weaving tip:

Weave the pattern to square and maintain a 45 degree angle. To help us keep an eye on our weaving, we folded a square piece of paper corner to corner, placing the long side along a weft row, to check the angle.


8-shaft Baby Wolf

Weave Structure:

8-shaft Houndstooth, twill

Warp and Weft:

Roslyn 65%wool / 35% silk at 382.76 yds per 3.5 oz. in white, dark blue, dark maroon, and medium maroon.




8-dent, sley 2 ends per dent

Warp Color Order:

Draft of warp weaving color order for Houndstooth Lap Blanket


This pattern is #57 by Nancy V. Bucci, page 19 in A Weaver’s Book of 8-shaft Patterns by Carol Strickler.

Width in Reed:




Weave as threaded.

Weave the ends back in. Do not carry up the selvedge.


Remove from the loom and secure the ends and then hand wash in warm water. If the fabric is not sufficiently full, place in the dryer on low and check every 5 minutes.Schacht Baby Wolf Loom