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Sep 04

Harlequin Zoom Loom Bag

Bags are always fun to make and this one is just right for fall. Take your Zoom Loom with you and before you know it, you’ll have 13 squares woven and ready to assemble. Because you want your bag to be a dense fabric, be sure to use a wool yarn that will full (not super wash). Also, if you are using up yarns from your stash, use the same kind of yarn for all of the squares so that when you assemble the bag, the squares will be uniform in size.

Finished Size:

4 ¾” x 7 ½”, excluding handle


Zoom Loom, 6” weaving needle, tapestry needle, Incredible Rope Machine. Optional: sewing machine.


Brown Sheep Nature Spun, sport weight. For the bag–French Clay (32 yards), Boysenberry (32 yards), Storm (32 yards), and Peruvian Pink (8 yards). For the handle—Sapphire (20 yards).


Decorative button.


Weave 4 squares of French Clay, Boysenberry, and Storm. Weave 1 square of Peruvian Pink.


Hand sew 6 squares together as shown. Make 2 sets for front and back. Hand wash the assembled pieces and the Peruvian Pink square in warm water and detergent until the squares are well fulled and all the same size. Note: some colors will sometimes full faster than others, so keep a check on the sizes as you are fulling the pieces. When fulling is complete, rinse in cool water and lay flat to dry, then steam press.

Diagrams showing layout of sewn Zoom Loom square for completing harlequin bag


Cut zigzags on opposite edges of the Peruvian Pink Square. Cut the square in half to yield 2 pieces. On the right side of the bag, front only, overlap the pink pieces ¾” from the bottom of the orange squares. Top stitch across to attach.

diagram of cutting zig zags on the Peruvian pink square

For front and back of the bag, working on the right side, fold the top orange edges in half. Place the front and back right sides together, matching the squares as best as possible. Starting at the top edge stitch down to the bottom, across the bottom, and back up to the other side. Allow a ¼” seam allowance. Turn the bag right side out. Use a blunt edge to coax out the bottom corners, then using a press cloth, give the bag a hard seam press. For fun (and a little extra texture) I sewed the triangles leftover from the front trim, and sewed them randomly onto the back.  Make a rope handle and stitch to the top of the bag.

Completed harlequin Zoom Loom bag in purple and black with blue strap

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