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Oct 13

Gather Placemats

Designed and woven by Anne Sammons

Using the 15″ Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

Lines calm my busy brain, so I created woven placemats called “Gather” for my family to use during meals. This warp manipulation pattern produces a soothing and attractive illusion of rectangles and squares with the warp and weft sequence. It’s a beautiful project that is created by following a simple pattern. We’ll measure the warp when we thread it through the slots and around the warping peg. When we thread the holes, we’ll rearrange the color sequence that will create the rectangles and squares pattern. The yarn used in this project was sourced from our farm and naturally dyed with flowers and plants my son and I collected from our flowerbeds and garden.


Two colors of dk weight yarn. The colors should have enough contrast for the pattern to develop. I used skeins of our Illinois-grown wool yarn, available in our website shop.

  • Color A: 425 yards (250 yds for the warp and 175 for the weft)
  • Color B: 150 yards (90 yds for the warp and 60 for the weft)


Download the PDF for full project instructions