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Jan 25

Double Heddle Threading – Flip Loom

1. Measure warp on warping board.

2. Secure warp chain to front beam for threading front to back.

3. With the front of the loom toward you, place a heddle in the front neutral slot.

4. Thread the heddle in this way: 1 thread in a hole, 3 threads in a slot, repeat (see figure A).

5. After you’ve completely threaded this heddle, wind your warp onto the back beam.

6. Move the threaded heddle to the rear slot (heddle 2) and then place the remaining heddle (heddle 1) in the front neutral slot.

7. As you thread heddle 1, think in terms of 4-end groupings. Take the ends from the first hole and slot (4 total) of heddle 2. Find the corresponding hole in heddle 1 and place the hole thread and one of the slot threads in the slot to the right of the corresponding hole. Thread one of the remaining threads in the hole and the other thread in the slot to the left (figures B and C). Then thread the next four threads in the same way (there will always be 1 thread in a hole and 3 in a slot). Check your work as you go.

8. After the front heddle has been threaded, tie on to the front beam.