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Jan 08

DIY Scrap Fabric Jump Rope

As the new year rolls around, many of us adopt new year’s resolutions to try and better ourselves and our lives. Whether it’s a fitness goal or a desire to de-clutter your space, this jump rope project will take care of both. We want to thank Lillemor Elfgren of Limmo Designs in Sweden for the inspiration for this project. We saw her jump rope at the VAV conference this past summer and thought that it would make a great project to share with you.

Jump rope crafted from fabric stripe with wood handles

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Incredible Rope Machine – To learn how to use this tool, check out our tutorial video!
12 yards of 1/2″ fabric strips
2 handles – We used wood, for a warmer, more natural feeling.

First, prepare your fabric by cutting long strips that are about 1/2″ wide. A straight edge and rotary cutter make this process more efficient and accurate.

Scrap fabric being cut into 1/2 inch wide strips

Join these strips together by cutting a small slit in the end of each strip. Hold one strip in your left hand and the strip in your right hand will do all the work. Pass the end of the right strip up and through the slit of the left strip. Then, pass the tail end of the right strip through the slit on tip of the right strip. Repeat this process until your fabric strip measures 12 yards.

Wind your fabric onto a bobbin, we found that winding it into a ball using a ball winder made the fabric strip twist.

long length of tied fabric strips spooled around a bobbin

Set up your Incredible Rope Machine two yards away from the separator. Wind the fabric strip around the Rope Machine taking care not to twist the strip. Crank the machine until the strips start to kink back on themselves. This will take more twist than yarn as there is no natural twist in the fabric.

Ropes made of fabric strips by the incredible rope machine

Once your rope is made, add handles to the end of the rope by passing the rope through the holes in the handles. Tie knots on the ends of the rope to prevent the handles from coming off.

If you feel like you need more weight, try two passes around the rope machine with 24 yards of fabric strips, or add a couple of large wooden beads to the rope itself.

You can use one fabric or multiple fabrics depending on your personal style.

Let’s be crafty and get fit!