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Dec 14

Comfort & Joy Lap Blanket

Designed & woven by Mackenzie Keller

Download the PDF with complete project instructions

As a beginner weaver, I have greatly enjoyed learning how to weave on my Zoom Loom and Cricket. I also get cold at my desk, so a lap blanket seemed like the perfect useful first project. Since my Cricket loom has a maximum weaving width of 15″, I decided to widen the blanket with Zoom Loom squares, rather than joining two panels together. The result is a simple yet festive blanket with patchwork elements and a bit of fringe.

If you want a wider blanket or have a 10″ Cricket, you can choose to add more rows of Zoom Loom squares or weave a second center panel.


Warp & weft yarn

  • Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, 720 Ash (beige), sport weight, 600 yards
  • Berroco Millefiori Light, 6890 Moss (green), sport weight, 100 yards. (The colorway I used is no longer available; Moss is comparable. )
  • Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, 101 Burnt Sienna (rust), sport weight, 50 yards


  • 15″ rigid heddle loom with 8 dent reed—I used a Cricket
  • Zoom Loom
  • stick shuttle(s)
  • tapestry needle
  • warping board or warping peg

Project Specs

Finished size: 20″ wide x 30″ long, excluding fringe

Weave structure: plain weave (Cricket); plain, chain, and diamond in relief squares (Zoom Loom)

Number of warp ends: 121

Warp length: 2 yards (includes loom waste and take-up)

Width in reed: 15″

EPI: 8

PPI: 12

Download the PDF with complete project instructions