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Dec 14

Carmina Cape

Designed and woven by Florencia Campos Correa

Florencia Campos Correa has just published a sequel to 100 Pin Loom Squares (2015). Her new book, Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom, includes all the tips and experience she has gathered designing patterns and projects on pin looms since then. Carmina Cape is one of the projects in Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom.

Malabrigo Yarn and Schacht Spindle Company sponsored this book.

Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom is coming soon to Schacht’s warehouse!

Project Specs

Finished size: 30″ wide (at widest point) x 16″ long (at longest point)

Center panels: 2 rectangles of 15 squares each in Buchupureo Stitch, with Buscando Azul warp and weft.

Side panels: 2 staggered wings of 20 squares each in plain weave, with Buscando Azul warp and Jewel Blue weft.

Project Requirements

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Worsted (100% merino wool; 210 yds/100 g), 3 skeins Buscando Azul (dark blue) and 1 skein Jewel Blue (medium blue).
Equipment & tools: Zoom Loom, crochet hook, tapestry needle.

Download the PDF with complete project instructions