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Oct 17

Bonfire Bag – Darn Good Yarn Collaboration

This month we have a new yarn company collaboration; Darn Good Yarn! I have been super excited about this, as Darn Good Yarn was one of the first yarn companies I was introduced to when I began my textile arts journey.

This project combines many elements and colors into one cohesive piece, and was definitely an exercise in “going with the flow.” As I was weaving I ran into a few issues that I ended up “rolling with” and I am thrilled with how the finished project turned out. This bag is made using Darn Good Yarn Chiffon Ribbon and Sport Weight Silk Yarn, both made from reclaimed silk. This autumnal color palette is perfect for the season, reflecting the blue skies and bold colors of the changing leaves.

Handwoven bag on mannequin

Finished Size:

10″ X 7″ (plus fringe)

Weave Structure:

Plain weave


Darn Good Yarn Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack, Bonfire, Super Bulky, reclaimed sari silk (80 yards per pack); Darn Good Yarn Sport Weight Silk Yarn, Caribbean Current, sport weight, reclaimed silk, (200 yds per skein)


School Loom, 3-in-1 Magic Stick, Tapestry Beater, Incredible Rope Machine


about 6


Warp the School Loom full width with the Sport Weight Silk Yarn using moderate tension. Note: singles yarn can be fragile, so take care in the warping process.


In plain weave begin with 6 picks of Sport Weight Silk Yarn, then 2 picks of orange sari silk, leaving the ends hanging out the right edge by 12″. This will form the fringe at the bottom of the bag.

Weaving order:

Alternate picks of the sport weight yarn (SW) and sari silk ribbon (R) in the following pattern: 2 picks SW, 2 picks Orange R, 2 picks SW, 2 picks Orange R, 2 picks SW, 2 picks Orange R, 2 picks SW, 2 picks Yellow R. Repeat this for approximately 14″. Weave 6 picks of SW.


Remove the fabric from the loom by snipping pairs of warp threads, and tying double knots to secure the top of the weaving. then, fold the bag “wrong sides” together with the fringe at the bottom of the bag. Using the Sport Weight Silk, whip stitch along this edge to close, and then straight stitch (by hand) along the bottom. (Fringe side)

Because I experience a massive amount of draw in for the first few rows, I used this as a design feature. I lined up the fringe side of the bag so it was even, and sewed it up, leaving an overhanging flap on the top edge. I folded the top edge down, and used a blanket stitch to tack it down. I attached a decorative button on the flap.



Using the Incredible Rope Machine make three 6-foot-long ropes; two with yellow chiffon ribbon, and one with Sport Weight Silk. Braid these ropes together. Adjust the strap height to a comfortable place on the body and hand sew into place.

I trimmed up the fringe so that it was even, and then ended with a light steam press.