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Mar 28

Blue with Copper Accents Pillow

Blue with Copper Accents Pillow placed on a maroon leather couch

Blue with Copper Accents Pillow

Designed by John Mullarkey

Skill level:


Number of squares:



18” x 18”


Miss Babs Yowza worsted weight wool in color, Blue Ridge, 1 8 oz skein. Trendsetter Ambrosia, in Rust, 1 Skein.


18”x18” pillow form. Optional: 2” strip of Velcro.


Weave 10 squares with Ambrosia or some other fun novelty yarn.  Weave 45 squares using Yowza.


Note about Ambrosia: It’s hard to believe that the fuzzy squares and the mattte/shiny squares are from the same skein, but they are. It’s like three yarns in one: a wool section, a fun fur section, and a metallic section. Have fun mixing and matching the sections to create accent squares.

Finishing and Assembly:

Single crochet the squares together using Yowza following the pattern below. Gently wash by hand in cool water and lay flat to dry. The ridge from the single crochet will be on the wrong side of the fabric. Using Ambrosia, with wrong sides together, single crochet around the entire pillow. If desired, add a Velcro closure to the flap.

Layout for pillow panel sections