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Spinzilla- Why We Spin

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Spinzilla- Why We Spin

November 10, 2014

Top row left to right: Maria, Kou, Gail, James, Benjamin, Barry, Deb F., Denise, Stephanie, Betty, Beege, Judy, Cindy.
Bottom row left to right: Brianna, Paul, Donna, Kate, Pam, Jane, Constance

Our “satelite” spinners on Team Schacht top to bottom: Deb B, Lara, Melissa, Nora
Not Pictured: Caron Wilson

There are many reasons why we spin here at Schacht. I could go on for pages on why each of us on team Schacht Spindle sit down at our wheel and spin.

Enjoy these selections of “why we spin.”

“… it’s a calm center … a continuation of an ancient craft, connecting us to all of civilization …”

“It’s the ‘doing’ of it … ‘making’ … the promise of the end project … potential”

“It’s complete control. From fiber to yarn to finished project I have control over the whole process … there is nothing like using my handspun.”

“There’s a meditative quality to spinning … making something ‘real'”

“The entrainment of the rhythm resets my body and spirit.”

“Spinzilla gave me an opportunity to learn something new. It’s soothing, calming, and gives me focus.”

“It’s soothing … easy to pick up and put down, and just relax. It’s another fiber-y thing to do. Using my handspun is satisfying.”

“I find it enjoyable … relaxing …  calming. I wanted to learn when I first started working at Schacht because I found out spinning wheels weren’t just in fairy tales.”

“It’s calming … I go to another place when I spin. I wanted to learn since I build the wheels; I was curious.”

“It’s soothing … a great way to get centered. It’s my own world.”

“I wanted to learn because I was curious. Anytime I am offered an opportunity to learn something, I take it.”

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