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Spinner Profile: Olga Jamieson

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Spinner Profile: Olga Jamieson

June 12, 2016

Spinning on the Schacht Reeves in the Highlands of Scotland


I am of Russian nationality and met my husband in Scotland some five years ago. We live in Loch Ness, famous for its monster sightings.

My passion for craft work runs through my veins. My ancestors were experienced spinners, and I have my grandmother’s spinning wheel safely tucked away in my studio. Amazingly, however, I am a self-taught spinner. My Scottish husband secretly purchased a spinning wheel for me and encouraged me to develop my skills. I was excited and soon became a confident, natural spinner.

Over the years, I have purchased a variety of spinning wheels, but I continued to search for the best wheel for me. I found it in a 30” double treadle Schacht Reeves, with a right hand flyer, made of cherry wood. Ooh la la!

My Schacht Reeves is mine, all mine, and sits in my home with a five-foot perimeter fence around it (protection from my husband, God bless him, my son, and my dog). Spinning on the Schacht Reeves is effortless and satisfying. How better to spend one’s days spinning on what I consider to be the best spinning wheel ever produced (and believe me, I have spun on them all)—and to do it in the Highlands of Scotland.

Having caught the Schacht “bug,” so to speak, I decided to become an authorized dealer of Schacht products in Scotland. Allowing my customers the experience of spinning on a Schacht wheel gives them confidence when making the decision to purchase. I also import fiber and yarn (Shetland Super Fine is my favorite). My next project is to move on to weaving and looms, which will, in the very near future, take place of pride in my studio. As I always say, “Happy Spinning!”

-Olga Jamieson

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