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Schacht Scrap

October 11, 2022

by Sienna Bosch

Here at Schacht, we are mindful of sustainability; conserving our materials as much as possible not only reduces our costs but also reduces our environmental impact. We keep our wood shavings to use in our chicken coop and our sawdust gets composted. We also have a lot of scrap wood, and we make it available to local woodturners for their use. Every Thursday at midday, Schacht puts out the week’s scrap. Materials that are no longer useable for us may have a new life with a woodturner. These artists have found inventive ways to use our scrap wood, from sculptures to bowls to cutting boards. I’ve been amazed by how the smallest of pieces can have a whole new life with some ingenuity. I also find it particularly intriguing when scraps of maple or cherry wood from Schacht are combined with other wood types to create beautiful works of art.

For this story, we collaborated with one of our local woodturning clubs, the Front Range Woodturners. They meet in Denver and members live up and down the front range of Colorado. We asked them to send us photos of works they have made using scraps from Schacht. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did. Happy crafting!


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