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Schacht Holiday Gift Guide

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Schacht Holiday Gift Guide

November 12, 2018

The holidays are right around the corner, and it seems like time is speeding along. Have you left your wish list posted on the front of the fridge for your loved ones? If not, it’s not too early to start putting the bug in their ear about what tools you’re most longing for!

Here’s a list that will help you take the next step in weaving or spinning with products that educate or help you grow in your craft–or even learn a new one!

For weavers

Don’t under estimate the power of the pick-up stick. This, along with a great book like The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick can accelerate your weaving potential.


Also for rigid heddle weaving:

More stick shuttles (you never can have too many!)

9″ mini boat shuttle (with a bag of 4″ bobbins). The 9″ mini is great for weaving on the Cricket Loom!

Mini-boat Shuttle

Mini-boat Shuttle

Extra reeds – Each of our rigid heddle looms comes with a reed, but did you know we have four available dents (5, 8, 10, and 12), as well as a special reed called the Variable Dent Reed? This special reed has mix and match sections that allow you to weave different densities in the same project. It’s great for sampling, too. Want to try double weave on your Flip Loom? All you need is two reeds of the same dent–everything else is already built into your loom.

We are seeing some rigid heddle weavers, especially if they enjoy pattern weaving, upgrading to a shaft loom. Our Wolf Pup line of looms is ideal for small spaces and workshops. We’re especially excited about our NEW Wolf Pup 8.10, an 8-harness loom with an 18″ inches weaving width and built-in wheels for better portability. We are currently taking pre-orders for looms which will ship in late December and January.


For spinners:

If you are a spindle spinner and want to upgrade to a wheel, the Ladybug is a great option for a beginners with plenty of room to grow as your skills progress.

For the traveling spinner we recommend the Sidekick! This folding wheel can stow it’s own bag and is so easy to take along. We also know spinners who love the Sidekick as their go-to wheel, whether they’re traveling or not.

We know that many spinners are hoping to find a Flatiron Spinning Wheel under their tree. Just out this fall, the Flatiron is getting rave reviews for it’s easy treadling, broad spinning capabilities, versatility–and unique design. This KD wheel can be assembled with the flyer on the left or the flyer on the right–another thing we adore about this new wheel. Because it packs flat for shipping, this wheel is easy to ship worldwide.


For the fiber enthusiast:

Hands down, the Ultra Umbrella Swift is one of the best swifts on the market. It costs more than most, but there’s a reason: it answers all the shortcomings of the other swifts on the market we wanted to improve upon to make a swift that’s head and shoulders above all the rest. Watch our video and fall in love with this beautiful accessory that will revolutionize your studio!

These products can be found at a Schacht retailer near you! Use our find a dealer page to find the nearest weaving or spinning store to you!

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