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Madelyn van der Hoogt Reviews the SFL Trap

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Madelyn van der Hoogt Reviews the SFL Trap

April 15, 2021

Madelyn made a special request for a Standard Floor Loom Trap. We granted her request and sent her the very first trap we made. Here’s how she responded.

I’ve had a wish for a very long time. Most of the weaving I do is with two (or more) shuttles. The very first time I used a Wolf Trap on my Baby Wolf, I loved it. Placing each shuttle on the bench and then picking it back up for every pick (often knocking it off the bench and having to pick it up off the floor) greatly interrupted the rhythm (and joy) of weaving. I loved my Schacht Standard Floor Loom, but I’d always choose a Baby Wolf for any two-shuttle weave if I could.

My long-held wish has just been answered—a dream come true! The Trap has come to the Schacht Standard. My shuttles now sit comfortably in front of me, quick to pick up and put down, and I can keep my small scissors and extra bobbins there. The Trap is simple to assemble and can be easily removed for warping.

I’m trying to decide on a name for my new Trap. Bear Trap: since it’s bigger than a Wolf Trap? I’ve thought of Miracle Trap, too, because it’s like a miracle to me to have it (and because Barry Schacht also makes Mirrycle bicycle bells and mirrors). Maybe you have a better idea. Whatever you call it, you will love it!

A Schacht Standard Floor Loom built out of cherry with a trap to hold shuttles, scissors, and extra yarn

Madelyn’s loom with the SFL Trap!

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