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Barry’s Jubilee Weave Along #1

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Barry’s Jubilee Weave Along #1

August 11, 2019

Get Ready to Weave!

Summer is for weaving—especially on these hot, hot days when it’s just too much to be out of doors. Come inside and join us for our 50th Anniversary Barry’s Jubilee Weave Along. You can join us on Facebook!

Because it’s summer and we wanted to keep things light, we chose a design that is fun and easy to weave. The beautiful, painted warp makes each inch interesting to weave, and at 7 ppi, you’ll be finished in no time.

Our Weave Along begins on August 2nd with a blog post about warping up our Skwoosh Scarf. Each week you’ll find tips and information about weaving on a rigid heddle loom and the dynamic finishing process that turns this fabric into lusciousness. Stay tuned for an interview with Stephanie Flynn Sokolov, the original creator of this project which first appeared in the book Woven Scarves (co-authored with our Creative Director, Jane Patrick). We loved Stephanie’s Skwoosh scarf because the end result belies the simplicity of the weaving. The magic happens in the finishing process where the fabric is transformed by heavy fulling, turning a ho-hum fabric into WOW.

Barry’s Jubilee Weave-Along Scarf Instructions

This stunning scarf in our anniversary colors is inspired by the Skwoosh Scarf from Woven Scarves by Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov. Stephanie designed the original, which she wove on our Cricket rigid heddle loom.

Two elements work together for stunning results. It begins with the yarn, all hand-dyed by Mountain Colors: Twizzle, a space-dyed skein in our anniversary colors and Merino Ribbon in Hummingbird are used in the warp, with Crepe in Red Willow used for weft. This kit comes with all these yarns and complete instructions ($79). Finishing, after weaving, is the final element that transforms the fabric into an exquisite scarf that is squishy, soft, and wonderful to wear.

Weave Structure: plain weave.

Finished Size: 9-1/2″ (24 cm) wide and 66″ (167.5 cm) long.

Warp Yarn: Mountain Colors Twizzle (85% merino, 15% silk at 1,136 yd/lb in Barry’s Jubilee, 1 skein (240 yards [219 m]). Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon (80% superfine merino, 20% nylon at 980 yd/lb) in Red Willow, 1 skein (122 yd [111 m]).

Weft Yarn: Mountain Colors Crepe (100% merino wool at 1680 yd/lb) in Hummingbird, 1 skein (315 yd [288 m]).

Equipment: 15″ (38 cm) wide Cricket Loom with an 8-dent rigid heddle reed; one stick shuttle; tapestry needle; fringe twister (optional).

Total Warp Ends: 106

Warp Length: 102″ (259 cm), which allows 24″ (61 cm) for loom waste and includes 12″ (30.5 cm) for fringe—6″ (15.25 cm) at each end.

Width in Reed: 13-1/4″ (33.5 cm)

EPI: 8

PPI: 7

Warp Color Order: Twizzle 6, merino ribbon 4, repeat 10 times, end with 6 Twizzle. Use the indirect method to measure the warp.

Weaving: Allow 6″ (15.25 cm) at the beginning for fringe (you can include your tie-on for the fringe length). Hemstitch to begin, and weave 7 ppi, checking your beat periodically to maintain a consistent beat until the scarf measures 78″ (198 cm).

Note: The crepe yarn is stretchy, so we suggest winding it on the shuttle with very little tension. End by hemstitching.

Finishing: Remove the scarf from the loom and preserve as much of the fringe length as possible. Make a twisted fringe at either end.

Wash by hand in hot water with mild detergent and a little agitation. Rinse in warm water.

To complete the finishing, place your scarf along with a dark towel in the dryer for 20 minutes on a low heat setting. Check often—you don’t want the fabric to become felted! The scarf is finished when the weave structure is obscured. If it looks like it needs a little more fulling, place it back in the dryer for an additional 5 minutes, but no longer. Repeat until sufficiently fulled.

Finish with a light steam pressing, without compressing the fabric.


This project was woven by our summer intern Sienna Bosch. She is currently in the Fibers BFA program at Colorado State University.


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