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Jul 14

Block-Patterned Americana Pillow on the Wolf Pup

Weaving a block-Patterned Americana Pillow on the Wolf Pup

As we head to Convergence 2016 in Milwaukee, we have been getting our show looms warped up and woven! We’ll be bringing some gorgeous fabrics with an Americana theme featured on our Baby Wolf, Wolf Pup, and Standard Floor Loom. Look for our posts to come for our other Convergence fabric designs, along with the drafts and color palettes over the next few weeks.

This week, we have a gorgeous fabric for home decor! We chose a small block design, Johann Schleelein’s No. 171, in Marguerite Davison’s Handweavers Pattern Book (page 121), and used off white, navy blue and an orang-y red for an old-timey fabric that looks both traditional and current at the same time. We think it would make a terrific fabric for an accent pillow. We’ve provided the fabric details but not the specifics for making the pillow.

All of our looms have been designed, warped and woven by our shipping clerk, Betty Paepke–so wonderful to have weavers on staff! And such good ones at that.

Revised Tie up for Block-Patterned Americana Pillow

* Floating Selvedge


Fabric details


Schacht Wolf Pup LT, warping board, 3 11″ boat shuttles

Warp yarn:

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport Weight Wool Yarn in N915 – Aran and 1335 – Fog Blue

Pattern weft yarn:

Cascade 220 in 9567 – Smoke Blue, 9465B – Burnt Orange, and 8393 – Navy.

Tabby weft yarn:

Nature Spun Sport Weight in N915 – Aran.

Warp width:

16 3/4″

Number of warp ends:

205 (*includes floating selvedges), 189 ends of Aran and 16 ends of Fog Blue.

Warp length: 2 2/3 yards for a finished pillow about 15″ square.


Repeat threading 5 times (block A and B), ending with the balance (block A). Thread Fog Blue where indicated in draft. Allow for a floating selvedge at both sides.






Weave as close to square as possible, alternating pattern picks with tabby rows. You will need 3-4 shuttles, one for each pattern color and one for the tabby weft. Alternately, if you don’t have 4 shuttles, you can just wind separate 4″ bobbins for each color and change them in your shuttle with each color change.


Remove the fabric from the loom and repair any mistakes. Hand wash in warm water, rinse in cool water and lay flat to dry. If more fulling is needed, wet the fabric and place in a warm dryer for a few minutes watching carefully until finished to the desired hand. Lay flat to dry and steam press.