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Jul 14
woman weaving an indigo dyed warp.

7 Essential Tips for Weaving with Linen

By Carrie Miller

Using the Schacht Standard Floor Loom

Linen has become an increasing popular fiber choice in home goods and accessories over the past few years. Many of the usual suspects for weaving projects look just fabulous in linen—its rustic sophistication brings handwoven table runners, placemats, and napkins to a new level. But, let’s be honest, linen is also a bit intimidating. You may have heard horror stories of your friends working with tricky, springy linen that frays and is impossible to tension correctly. Although I’m sure all these stories are terrifyingly true, the good news is that there are solutions to each of the unique issues that arise when working with linen. Whether you’re making a small linen project or a large one like the example I used for this tutorial, the tips and tricks below will help you achieve a lovely result while having fun! In this tutorial, I’ve tackled weaving with linen in the warp and weft to showcase the full experience. This is recommended for an intermediate to advanced weaver who has already experimented with linen as weft.

Download the PDF to Learn the Tips

handwoven fabric and linen yarn