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Nov 18

5 Last Minute Handmade Gifts to Make

By the time you read this blog post, there will be 36 days left until Christmas.

Don’t Panic! Many of us try to get our gifts made early, but it is inevitable, there are always a few that fall through the cracks.

Here are five of our favorite quick and easy projects from the Schacht Blog to help you this holiday season.

1: Weave a speckled yarn scarf on your Cricket Loom

This project is an easy one to make, though it is plain-weave, the color of the yarn makes this project POP!

Speckled yarn scarf


2: Make a custom wall hanging on your Mini Loom

This is a great gift! Make one using your leftover yarns (who doesn’t love that?) in colors that the recipient loves!

Custom wall hanging made on a mini loom


3: Give the gift of snowflakes on your Cricket Loom

Another plain-weave scarf that gets spruced up by discharge dye! The snowflake motif is perfect for the winter season.

Woven snowflake scarf

4: Make a twisty cowl (or a skirt) on your Cricket Loom

Though you probably don’t have time to weave the skirt featured in this blog post, the cowl is a perfectly manageable project to make between now and Christmas.

A twisty cowl woven on a cricket loom


5: Make a Sugar Plum Fairy on your Zoom Loom

This convertible toy has been a hit amongst Zoom Loom weavers and is topical for this holiday season! You can hide small toys or candy in the plum, when the kids open them, they will get the added surprise of a new plush toy.

Sugar Plum Fairy made on a zoom loom


What are some of your favorite holiday projects? Let us know on social media by using the #schachtspindle hashtag.