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Dec 07

3 Handmade Gift Wrapping Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner, and when you’ve spent so much time and effort making your handmade gifts, it would be a shame not to have the same handmade touch for the packaging.

In this post, we share three ways to add hand-crafted wrapping to your special gift.

Sugar Pines Band

woven by Jane Patrick

Using weaving cards while creating a belt on an inkle loom

Adapted from Belt No 12, Sugar Pines in Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving by Russell E. Groff. Look for a collection of designs by weaver Russell E. Groff in an upcoming book from Schiffer Publishing.


25 Schacht Cardweaving Cards, Schacht Belt Shuttle, Schacht Inkle Loom.


5/2 Pearl Cotton. 125 yd #152 Pistachio, 175 yd #91 Flaxon, 15 yd #12 Red, and 30 yd #99 Dark Sienna.


We wove this project on an inkle loom, winding 4 threads, one card at a time, following the pattern diagram. (We warped all of the pegs on our Schacht Inkle Loom.)


All of the cards are right-threaded. That is, all of the four threads can be seen on the right side. For this project, the printed side of the card is facing to the right.

threading pattern for weaving the Sugar Pines Band on an inkle loom

Sugar Pines Threading Graph PDF


Wind a Schacht Belt Shuttle with 5/2 Pearl Cotton in #152 Pistachio. Make sure that the A-D (red) side is on top and then weave 4 quarter turns towards you, 4 quarter turns away from you. Repeat for the length of the belt.

Detail of a completed Sugar Pines Band

Zoom Loom Bow

This project is a quick and easy way to create a small bow for a package.

Zoom loom bow wrapped around a present


Schacht Zoom Loom


Any sport weight yarn.


First, weave a square on your Zoom Loom. Before taking the square off the loom, weave your ends into the square, leaving the long tail coming from approximately the top center of the square.

Remove the square from the loom, and with your 6″ weaving needle, weave the long tail through the center of the square as shown.

Gently pull this piece of yarn while gathering the square into a bow shape. Gently wrap the leftover yarn around the center of the bow and tie it into a knot. Then with another piece of yarn, attach the bow to your package.

Handspun “Twine”

dropspindle ornament on Christmas tree

Show off your spinning prowess by using your drop spindle to spin some home-made twine to tie up your packages!

present wrapped in twine spun from drop spindle

We hope you enjoy these ideas for your special gifts this holiday season!